Let me Introduce Myself

My name is Damian J. Yates, but you knew that already.  I am a proud father of 4 wonderful children and grandfather to 2.  My greatest joy is derived from the happiness and gratitude I receive from those that I help during my days.  The focus of that joy used to be centered around my kids, but now that they are all grown, I find that focus now shifting towards my work and my bi-weekly acts of kindness.

An Aspiring Network Engineer

I have been chasing my dream of being a Network Engineer for the last 7 years of my 20 years in Information Technology. I have held roles ranging from helpdesk telephone support to Network Engineer. Although I have and maintain an alphabet soup of certifications, I still continue to build upon my knowledgebase and seek out those I believe I can learn from.

Areas Of Expertise

Below are a few of the Subject Matter Expertise that I am working to build on or hold curently.

Featured Articles


My kids keep telling me that I should write a book. Well, I’m not that ambitious, but instead, I decided to start this blog to

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People Call Me Crazy

Like I care. One person’s crazy is another person’s genius. Crazy is a matter of perception. It is this simple fact that I don’t call

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